CKEditor Sample — Setting Configuration Options

This sample shows how to insert a CKEditor instance with custom configuration options.

To set configuration options, use the config property. To set the attributes of a <textarea> element (which is displayed instead of CKEditor in unsupported browsers), use the textareaAttributes property.

// Include the CKEditor class.
include_once "ckeditor/ckeditor.php";

// Create a class instance.
$CKEditor = new CKEditor();

// Path to the CKEditor directory.
$CKEditor->basePath = '/ckeditor/';

// Set global configuration (used by every instance of CKEditor).
$CKEditor->config['width'] = 600;

// Change default textarea attributes.
$CKEditor->textareaAttributes = array("cols" => 80, "rows" => 10);

// The initial value to be displayed in the editor.
$initialValue = 'This is some sample text.';

// Create the first instance.
$CKEditor->editor("textarea_id", $initialValue);

Note that textarea_id in the code above is the name attribute of the <textarea> element to be created.